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Elderly Driver Related Collisions- Help from Dedicated Auto Accident Lawyers

Studies have shown that drivers aged 75 and above pose the greatest threats on our roads. They are even considered more dangerous than teen drivers because of their declining physical and mental abilities. Elderly related car accident statistics have on record approximately 6,000 fatalities and 200,000 injuries every year. The services of auto accident lawyers should be sought as soon as you or a close member of your family is involved in an accident that involves a senior citizen. Here is a look at how you stand to benefit from their expertise.


Elderly related collisions are caused a number of reasons. Top among them are:


  • Belated reaction times
  • Troubled concentration
  • Hearing and vision problems
  • Shortfalls in depth perception
  • Side effects from prescription drugs
  • Difficulties turning their head due to stiff necks
  • Heightened levels of anxiety and fear
  • Joint arthritis that affects braking and steering


In addition, the frail bodies of senior citizens increase their chances of death if struck by vehicles or when they are involved in other types of collisions. The first task that auto accident lawyers will embark on is to carry out exhaustive investigations so that they can pin down the cause of the accident and the culpable party. Negligent driving has been found to be at the top of the list of elderly related car accident causes. Some instances of careless driving include:


  • Failure to yield to right of way
  • Failure to drive within the correct lane
  • Failure to signal before turning
  • Hitting the wrong pedal (gas or brake)
  • Speeding or driving too slowly


The law requires all motorists to exercise a reasonable amount of care while driving. This means that they have to take vision tests, obey traffic laws and signs, and refrain from acts that could endanger themselves and other road users. If the defendant is suspected to have flouted these rules, you may have a valid cause of action against them. Take note, however, that you have to prove negligence, but not simply suggest that it was present at the time of the crash. It is only with the help from elderly related car crash attorneys from this site that you have a chance to do so.


Insurance companies aren't easy to deal with because their primary goal is to pay out as little compensation as possible to stay afloat. They will accuse you of causing the accident, misrepresent terms of the insurance contract, ask you for endless documents, and use other tactics, just to scare you into accepting whatever they offer or to make you give up on the claim. When you hire skilled elderly related auto accident lawyers, they will take none of that. They are always prepared to negotiate a reasonable settlement or litigate the case in court. Your only chance of being compensated fairly is when you rely on their legal expertise. Read the definition of legal here at


Visit the home page of top rated elderly related auto accident lawyers and get a free case evaluation to determine if you have a valid claim. Time is not on your side as it could run out before you utilize your only chance of recovering compensation. Car crash attorneys understand that your financial situation may not be very stable because of the medical expenses and vehicle repair costs that you've just incurred. This is why they are ready to investigate and litigate your case on a contingency fee basis.